Oct 27, Fri, 2017
Doors & Fours
Doors & Fours spawned as a "protest" against the plethora of extremely overproduced and computerized music coming out of the heavy music scene as of late.
Keeping true to the original idea of producing raw, catchy, rock music, D4 produced both the demo and the EP from the house Peach and Thivierge reside at, using basic recording gear and a laptop computer.
In a music scene riddled by computer-generated drums, "DI" guitars, and man-buns, the purpose of Doors & Fours is to bring back a raw, "no-fucks-given", energetic form of rock music that seems to have slipped away.
metal(ly) punk
Band Members Guitars/Vocals - Adam Peach
Bass - René Thivierge
Drums - Evan Greenaway
Black Absinthe
Black Absinthe is a three piece band out of Toronto set on continuing the spread of Canadian Heavy Metal. That's the formal way of saying it anyways, to be more direct: music to headbang to! For us that comes out as songs that are rooted in the tradition of big riffs paired with contemporary Metal and a matching high energy live show.
Compounding heavy riffs and bass lines reminiscent of classic Thrash and New Wave British Heavy Metal with a range of Progressive to Classic Rock influences, Black Absinthe presents a solid example of the current Canadian rock band: road hungry, influenced and supported by other driven Canadian musicians, and most of all ready to innovate and grow the traditions of a genre they venerate and respect.
Sinful Ways
Sinful Ways is a band from Ottawa, Ontario. Influences include Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Mötley Crüe, and Trivium.
Band Members
Bass - Brad Lake
Lead Guitar - Andres Chavez
Rhythm Guitar - Georgio Karapanos
Vocals - Pat Murray
Drums - Dave Matlak

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