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May 22, Tue, 2018
Bad Strangers
Bad Strangers is a Vancouver folk duo. Bad Strangers are known for their epic harmonies, catchy melodies and powerful songwriting delivered passionately by two lead vocalists who seem to effortlessly follow each other’s instincts. Their chemistry is undeniably magnetic. From vulnerable tearjerkers, to angsty rock tunes, their authenticity is palpable. Their highly personal songs and performance let you into their lives, where they tackle personal struggles and navigate being couple who also collaborate creatively. Their overall sincerity and willingness to let it all out on stage will leave a lasting impression; a warm feeling to take home with you.
Dylan Watts
Dylan Watts is a finger-style guitar artist from the Ottawa Valley. Influenced by guitar legends like Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed, Merle Travis and Don Ross, he incorporates music from many different genres into his solo show. Dylan is known for his complex finger style technique, his steady Travis-Picking style and his enthusiastic performance. When he's not playing solo shows you can catch him with one of his bands: Jordan & Watts, Django Fet or Night Snack.
May 23, Wed, 2018
Avant-Garde Coctail Night
Enjoy our renowned Avant-Garde martinis and cocktails starting from $6.19 and our extensive selection of chilled vodkas starting from $4.87 a shot. Our kitchen is open late and we play a selection of famous international music videos on our large screen (we will also play live sporting events upon request). Nights like these are perfect times to view our collection of rare constructivist art, old soviet propaganda posters and paintings by local Ottawa artists.
May 24, Thu, 2018
COVETER is a local lo-fi cowboy-core group with strong emo undertones. They are influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, and many others.
Coveter is...
Braeden Ladouceur - Drums
Devon Swords - Bass
Logan Moham - Guitar and Vox
Nessie Hails from the ice-cold lands of Ottawa Ontario, Canada.
Jack Kuzmyk (Vocals/bass)
Sean Connor (Drums)
Vincent Belanger (Guitar)
Myke Mcilroy (Guitar)
first met in September 2015 while attending the Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College. The four quickly took a liking to each other and soon after jamming in Jacks basement for the first time in the cold of December, Nessie was formed. What first started as a groovy rock band quickly shifted and matured into the new Nessie. Heavier, more technical, precise, melodic and above all unique. With the full length album just on the horizon, Nessie hopes and strives to be the new taste of rock and metal the genre's need today.
The Nicotines
The Nicotines are a hard-rock act from Montreal, QC Canada that excel in energetic, heavy rhythms coupled with pop-sensible melodies. Inspired by rock acts since the 60s, The Nicotines deliver a powerful style of rock and roll never heard before.
A combination of hard-hitting riffs and catchy hooks, this distinct blend of punk, blues and psychadelia stands out like no other.
Band Members
Davide Spinato
Lucas Villeneuve
Costin Dumitrescu
May 25, Fri, 2018
| 6 PM - 9:30 PM |
Queer noise violence.
Noise Toronto.
Experimental beats from Toronto.
Intangerines makes sounds that flow through time unhindered, caught with a butterfly net or with a javelin. The sounds are put together to get a better glimpse into his own psyche and for the pure joy of art. Drawing on a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, radio transmissions, tape samples, environmental sounds, as well as his own voice, he produces some varied and often strange pieces of experimental electronic in an all-encompassing meaninglessness.
Noise / Drone / Doom / Experimental / Sound Art
May 26, Sat, 2018
Siberian Breaks
Siberian Breaks (Ottawa),- an arctic expedition soundtrack; the Baffin island house band; cold, dark and lost.
Empty Nesters
Empty Nesters is a band from Ottawa playing music of K-Pop genre.
Gravelines is a three piece band from the Gatineau region. Its members Max Arsenault(drums), Ian Boushell(guitar) and Connor Nassr-Low(bass/vocals). The band was formed in 2014. Their style is rock with elements of funk, blues and punk.
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