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Mar 28, Wed, 2018
Gas Station Mentality
2017 is going to be the year that THE MENTALITY becomes your ONLY means of survival.
Blake Hawley-Guitar,
Antoine Pelegrin-Bass,
Guillaume Pilote-Drums
Mar 30, Fri, 2018
King Swan
King Swan is a deep thinking, mad riffing three piece desert space rock band from Ottawa, Canada. Combining improvisational wizardry with organized chaos, King Swan's music will take you on a musical voyage through space and time. Release the swan!
Mar 31, Sat, 2018
Chloe Dances In Twilight
Goth rock singer songwriter from the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada
Apr 05, Thu, 2018
Town House
Town House is an ambient, indie band from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Band Members
Mellyssa Vey - vocals/guitar/keys
Tyler Stanley - drums
Mike Dray - bass
Curtis Smith - guitar
No Mistakes in Space
No Mistakes in Space plays indie/post-rock music out of Ottawa, Canada.
Kyla Hidalgo - Guitar/Vocals
Cody Ford - Guitar
Mitch Harvey - Bass
Andrew Robillard - Drums
Apr 12, Thu, 2018
Ronley Teper and the Lipliners
"If Kate Bush and Frank Zappa had a lovechild, it might just be Toronto's Ronley Teper, who has spent years bringing her quirky jams to audiences the world over. Known for filling stages with a dozen musicians at a time — all of them heavy hitters — her live shows feel like they just unfold as they may, with Teper keeping no more than a light touch on the rudder, then layering her imaginative songwriting and singing overtop.
Her hilarious lyrics are paired with theatrical vocal delivery, ranging from her high, squeaky, little-girl voice to a low, throaty growl. It's territory not commonly explored by female singers"
Vivienne Wilder
"If the archangels smoked pot and shot pool, this would be the soundtrack. Equally jarring and soothing, Vivienne Wilder's warm seductive voice welcomes you into a world of boots, whiskey, broken hearts and outright whimsy held together within a structure of songwriting that is so solid, so well put together it could almost be called architectural. The Canadian landscape is a canvas occupied by more amazing local troubadours each and every day. Exciting writer/performers that transcend traditional category while remaining true to their historical musical roots. This is one of them."
- Electric Jon, poet & author
The Long Straw
The Long Straw is a group in Ottawa that explores original compositions and less known repertoire that blurs lines between improvisation and composition. With a unique instrumentation of Sax, Guitar, Tuba and drums, The Long Straw seeks out new textures and grooves and possibilities, across styles and genres.
The Long Straw are:
Zakari Frantz - Saxophone
Keith Hartshorn-Walton - Tuba
Alex Moxon - Guitar
Michel Delage - drums
Gordon Hyland
Far from being a jazz purist, tenor saxophonist Gordon Hyland has gone out of his way to forge a unique career path for himself. He has developed a sound and style wholly his own from years of working with live electro-prog band Ninja Funk Orchestra. Hyland's latest venture is Living Fossil, a conceptual post-bop ensemble that showcases his musical prowess as well as innovative use of effected saxophone. The first Living Fossil album, ‘NEVER DIE!’ was released in February 2018.
Benjamin Hermann
Benjamin Hermann's music hits the sweet spot with folk music lovers. His newest album 'Windows Wide Open' released on Roaring Girl Records mixes subtlety and directness, blending distant instrumentation and strong finger-style guitar playing into a soundscape that compliments vocals delivered with careful nuance.
"Add Hermann to the list of Canada's most promising folk singer-songwriters."
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