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Oct 27, Fri, 2017
Doors & Fours
Doors & Fours spawned as a "protest" against the plethora of extremely overproduced and computerized music coming out of the heavy music scene as of late.
Keeping true to the original idea of producing raw, catchy, rock music, D4 produced both the demo and the EP from the house Peach and Thivierge reside at, using basic recording gear and a laptop computer.
In a music scene riddled by computer-generated drums, "DI" guitars, and man-buns, the purpose of Doors & Fours is to bring back a raw, "no-fucks-given", energetic form of rock music that seems to have slipped away.
metal(ly) punk
Band Members Guitars/Vocals - Adam Peach
Bass - René Thivierge
Drums - Evan Greenaway
Black Absinthe
Black Absinthe is a three piece band out of Toronto set on continuing the spread of Canadian Heavy Metal. That's the formal way of saying it anyways, to be more direct: music to headbang to! For us that comes out as songs that are rooted in the tradition of big riffs paired with contemporary Metal and a matching high energy live show.
Compounding heavy riffs and bass lines reminiscent of classic Thrash and New Wave British Heavy Metal with a range of Progressive to Classic Rock influences, Black Absinthe presents a solid example of the current Canadian rock band: road hungry, influenced and supported by other driven Canadian musicians, and most of all ready to innovate and grow the traditions of a genre they venerate and respect.
Sinful Ways
Sinful Ways is a band from Ottawa, Ontario. Influences include Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Mötley Crüe, and Trivium.
Band Members
Bass - Brad Lake
Lead Guitar - Andres Chavez
Rhythm Guitar - Georgio Karapanos
Vocals - Pat Murray
Drums - Dave Matlak
Oct 29, Sun, 2017
The Universe Ft Ray
THE UNIVERSE FEATURING RAY, is a solo artist named Ray Stern, (former lead of The Peace Leeches) creating alternative/rock music. Based out of London, Ontario, Canada, Ray creates catchy riffs on acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synth and vocals, accompanied with captivating vocals that have often been compared to artists like Ani DiFranco and Rising Appalachia. It's hard to categorize or compare The Universe Featuring Ray due to the wide range of vocal and genre styles that Ray captures.
Ray's unique range of musical influences are the product of late nights as a kid in the basement with her father listening to his entire vinyl collection. Her style brews up a hauntingly familiar, yet original sound.
Mia The Clown
MiaThe Clown is my solo stoner/blues/jazz/alternative/grunge/hip hop/acoustic project that expresses some deep shit and makes you think and stuffz!
Oct 31, Tue, 2017
Lost Acres
Rock Band From Ottawa, Ontario.
Band Members
Nick "Cha-ching!" Price - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Zack "Jeb" Bryan - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Dawson "Double D" Doyle - Guitar, Vocals
Mike "Cactus" Milito - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Aaron "Arrow" Falsetto - Drums
Stabbing Joy
With sounds of distortion and velvet melodies, Stabbing Joy hits hard with piercing lyrics and catchy riffs. A Charlottetown based band, the group consists of five members spanning from PEI to BC. Carrying a full roster of passive-aggressive, guitar-driven power pop tunes, Stabbing Joy is here to entertain the people and spark a smile. The music is not only loud with shrieking guitar riffs, but the lyricism is constantly bringing you in sweetly only to rip you to shreds with attitude.
Dennis Ellsworth & the Mercy Dolls
Dennis Ellsworth is a prolific songwriter. He’s been in the rhythm of writing, recording and releasing an album a year. He travels around the planet singing what he writes. He’s optimistically dark. Naturally, he writes shadowy lyrics and his melodies linger. His songs are haunting, in a good way. His voice is distingue. He was raised on Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond and Kris Kristofferson.
Make Ottawa Scary Again!
With special guests:
The Far New Band
https://soundcloud.com/hearew/want-it-all and
Maximum Power
Nov 02, Thu, 2017
Banjo Scruffs
Banjo Scruffs are a local Ottawa 3 piece acoustic folk rock band. Acoustic guitar and percussion mixed with a little upright bass and banjo.
Nov 03, Fri, 2017
The Old Salts
The Old Salts are a folk rock band grown from the roots of country and blues.
James da Mota and Devin Staple came together in 2010 to form the Old Salts, a folk and blues duo based out of Toronto with a focus on honest, soulful songwriting. James is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter while Devin plays lead and slide guitar. In 2012, they were joined by two new members who added depth to the Old Salt sound; Darren Eedens on banjo, and Matthew Karas on bass. Finally in 2013, the band expanded once more, adding drummer Taz Pavlou.
Lew Phillips
Lew Phillips is a Canadian Pop singer/songwriter from Montreal taking inspiration from the American Pop music of the 60s. In March 2012, Lew record his very first "EP" and then his second one in March 2013 called "Rock Baby Rock". Nearly one month later, he becomes part of the Wild Records label in Hollywood, California so he release his first single as a 45 RPM with " Mister Colter" on the A-side and "Silent Love" on the B-side and is invited to be part of the Wild Weekender festival in Santa Ana. He has also done the covers of two magazines: a German magazine called Yeehaaw in 2015 and the UK Rock N Roll magazine in February 2014.
Krystal Jyl and the Jacks
Krystal Jyl and the Jacks is a fresh new Ottawa Rockabilly Jazz Swing combo fronted by Krystal Jyl Thompson and featuring a collection of original tunes written by Stephen K. Donnelly (The Kingmakers).
The band blends Rockabilly, Swing, Blues and Jazz influences ranging from raucous rockers like Machine-Gun Kisses and Hard Way To Live to swinging jazz like Red's Got The Blues and Drop Me A Line, the western-swing influenced Driving Under The Influence Of Love o the unabashed 50s girl group jukebox fare of Would You Be Mine.
Steven Lane
Blending influences ranging from classic pop, 70s yacht rock, and West Coast Canadiana, Vancouver born singer-songwriter Steven Lane has good-timin' vibes in his soul. A natural on stage and in front of an audience, his rhythmic and playful songs are easy to dance to, and he's never shy to slide a few singalong hits into his sets.
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