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Nov 09, Thu, 2017
| 8 PM |
Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire
The exploratory and adventurous music of Franco-Albertan Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire is an organized chaos. Her vivid lyrics, and the melodies that carry them, create folk-poetry with notes of rock, beatnik and at times a little country. Through an authentic and natural stage presence, she invites audiences to journey between laughter and sighs, with her light anecdotes and intimate avowals.
Allan Hurd
Antennes déployées au diapason de la Terre, des arbres, des lacs et des rivières, des routes et des chemins de fer ainsi que des humains qui y habitent, Allan Hurd s’émerveille depuis toujours devant l’univers mystique des chants & sons ; autant pour les tensions qu’ils sont capables de nous provoquer, que pour l’apaisement qu’ils savent nous induire.
Geek assumé, il fabrique et/ou modifie la plupart de ce qui l’entoure en studio ou sur scène, que ce soit sa quinquagénaire Harmony Rocket 1962 qu’il a entièrement restaurée, ou la valise qui lui sert de kick drum. Parfaitement bilingue et doté depuis toujours d’un don pour conter des histoires, sonorisateur, multi-instrumentiste et inventeur d’instruments (parfois utiles), Allan propose un son unique, riche et envoûtant. Ses compositions se démarquent par leurs atmosphères planantes, assymétriquement structurées et proposent des arrangements denses et audacieux.
Nov 13, Mon, 2017
Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities
Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities are a trio of rock 'n' roll heat scores from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, led by a short, hairy man (whom was born missing digits) defying the odds and using what they got to deliver a loud, weird and woolly performance.
The Maximum Chill
THE MAXIMUM CHILL is a local rock and roll band with some classic vibes that is sure to get you grooving and having a good time. They have a broad range of musical styles that they like to explore within their songs including blues, rap, funk, jazz, and sometimes even a classical riff or two. Some songs are very structured, some are improvised. They like to keep people on their toes. The group is inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, and Frank Zappa, among many others.
Bikini Atoll
One day the members of Bikini Atoll met, and decided they wanted to make rock-n-roll music, so they did.
Band Members
Dawson Paulson
Dawn of the Dodos
Dawn of the Dodos is a rock trio that plays music that is generally aggressive, fantastic, and out of the ordinary.
Band Members
Raven Corriveau ~ Drums
Carle Bellemare ~ Bass
Shawn Dewar ~ Guitar/Vocals
Nov 15, Wed, 2017
Dirty Rectangles
Dirty Rectangles is a collective of Ottawa based game designers and artists committed to the exploration of games as a medium of expression. We hold frequent friendly competitions based around a given theme where anyone is welcome to participate. Some of these competitions will be followed by live events, showing off the games that were created to the public.
Nov 17, Fri, 2017
Holy Christopher
3 Piece Rock n Roll band coming straight from the basement to your ears. Hailing from Hull QC, Holy Christopher will fill your ears with original catchy tunes from the glory days of rock n roll. Dancing required.
Andrew Elle // Vox/Guitar
Dave Walker // Bass
Dan Holms // Drums
Nov 19, Sun, 2017
Welland, Ontario solo artist, Colonico has released his debut album. Chapters takes the singer-songwriter genre and flips it on its head with a more than welcomed classic rock influence, making not only for a great record, but a refreshing on at that.
Colonico is a singular modern talent; an old head on young shoulders. A simple yet powerful singer, his music is intensely personal. A nostalgic, humble throw back to the crazy moments life has to offer, Colonico enjoys connecting to people around the world through music.
Diz James
Diz James is a musician from Pelham, Ontario.
Mark Maecker
Mark Maecker is a songwriter from Canada.
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