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Jul 21, Sat, 2018
Elementals are sons of the small town of Almonte & North Dundas, Ontario. They are a gang. A family with a drinking problem, and a tendency to create honest music.
Band Members
Cody Smith - Guitar / Vocals
Sheehan Jordan - Guitar/Aux/Vocals
Duncan Reitböck - Bass
Jamie Speck - Drums
Greg Mashinter
Stemming from Stouffville, Greg Mashinter is quickly building roots throughout the GTA. Mashinter is carving new grounds of folk music with a powerful edge - tuning his restlessness into refined self-evaluation.
His writing is relentless and his passion is unwavering. The songs are simultaneously universal and fresh - ringing catharsis and renewal as he plays throughout Ontario. Mashinter's voice is honest and carrying, implying a head in the clouds while his feet are still touching the ground.
Whether he is playing music, taking in local acts or turning over rocks and making sense of what's underneath, Mashinter is finding home wherever he goes.
Jul 25, Wed, 2018
Marutyri is an in Rotterdam based, instrumental fusion band. The deep and solid grooves, intense harmonies, story telling solo's and the well arranged parts, make Marutyri unique in the today's music world and the tougher-than-ever music business.
"Marutyri is a band full of energy, ideas and talent and could well become a mainstay of the festival circuit. One to watch for."
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz
" The build-up is almost 'symphonic' indeed, with a beginning and an end, with clear parts in the middle and which are not repeated in the composition. Impressive".
Jan Piet Hartman, Jazznu.co
"Alternately, musically compelling and equipped with its own identity, Marutyri on 'Inner Movements' sounds like a well oiled collective for which a bright future in play".
Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo
Sammy Duke
You'd never be able to mistake Sammy Duke for anyone else once he starts performing onstage – he's the gentle giant playing upwards of eight instruments at the same time!
The friendly, unstoppable one-man-band that is Samuel "Sammy Duke" Dlugokecki is proficient at 13 musical instruments, and is a master of the cajon hand drum. As a solo artist, he simultaneously plays guitar, sings, beats on a drum, plays bass synthesizer pedals with his foot, plays percussion with his other foot, and an occasionally liberated hand – or elbow, as in the case of his famed "elbow chimes." Even in one of his other steady gigs, as a chosen sideman for Alysha Brilla, Sammy plays bass, cajon, shakers, and tambourine, all while singing harmony.
No wonder Velvet Rope magazine called him an "amazing and diversified talent," while The Ontarion celebrated his "indomitable stage presence." Coral Andrews of 98.5 FM CKWR says, "His lyrically thoughtful world-folk-rock fusion sound… is similar to the soft-voiced spiritual richness of Craig Cardiff and Bruce Cockburn, melded with the breathy vocals of late father-son songsmiths Tim and Jeff Buckley."
Jul 26, Thu, 2018
The Marwills
The Marwills are a thick, juicy cut of Rock stuffed with the Blues, stroked and soaked until hard and greasy, then covered in Grade A Canadian dirt. Their sound conjures smoky blues bars, shady drinking establishments, and the golden age of rock and roll. They make music with serious guts and they sweat while they do it.
Although their debut album, “Marwill St.", was released in 2012, most of the members have been playing together in some form or another for almost a decade. Starting out in small-town BC then playing biker bars and Hell's Angels' gatherings in Alberta for a number of years, The Marwills continued east to the big smoke of Toronto, where they’ve established themselves as a rocking tour de force to be reckoned with.
The Marwill's newest release, "Facts & Figures" (2014) is a raw rock album full of bluesy riffs, crunchy guitars, and lustful lyrics, rounded out along the edges with backing vocals, slide guitar, keys, sax, a female choir, fiddle, and acoustic guitar for a touch of mature nuance.
Cold Capital
Cold Capital first burst onto the Ottawa music scene in 2011. Blending classic blues techniques with modern rock, they've harnessed a rock revivalist sound comparable to The Black Crowes and The Sheepdogs. On stage, this translates into a raw rock n' roll tour-de-force that gets audiences moving more with every riff.
Band Members
Erik and Nick Hertzberg, Matt Muir, Andrew Erlandson,
No Fly List
With one foot placed in the folk/alt-country camp of Wilco/Neil Young, and the other in complete unironic admiration of 70s Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and ThinLizzy — No Fly List compose original songs bathed in the glimmer of these timeless influences. Their debut album, Blaze On shows considerable range, with all the intensity and bluster of the best of hard rock filtered through the introspective lens of the singer-songwriter.
"…the rocking tracks are full of energy and the mellower ones are as captivating as all hell..."
– Kent Rocks, Spun
Jul 27, Fri, 2018
Black Market Hard-Tack
Black Market Hard-Tack is a 4 piece Electro-Rock band from St. John's, Newfoundland.
Krissy Breen - Vocals
Evan Hodder - bass
Curtis Kilfoy- Vocals and Guitar and Synth and Sequencing
Ryan Wade- Guitar and Synth and Sequencing
The Dead Fibres
The Dead Fibres are an Edmonton Based Band.
Punk, Alternative, Rock, Grunge, Psych
Band Members
Kennedy Pawluk, Brandon de Gans, and Zach Mouallem
Three dudes smacking music machines making blood spill out your ear holes. "Oooo but it feels so goood!"
The Dant Danners
4 piece space rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Vacationcore at its finest. Enjoy the synthy sounds of the Space-couch.
Mike Superfussy
Just Plain Jess
Scotty P.
Steve Suave
With a special guest F.G. Klapschmach
Jul 28, Sat, 2018
Sunday Riot Club
Ottawa's most exciting upcoming Heavy Rock band.
Jean-Philippe Therrien-Guitar, vocals
Alexandre Maheux-Bass, vocals
Jean-Francois Lacasse-Drums
Cadillac Blood
Georgina's Heavy Metal Maniacs. A bold classic metal sound with a modern twist and vintage rock groove. It's : "The beat that bleeds, The Devils Screams"
Band Members
Luke Morrell - Vocalist
Tyler Morrell - Lead Guitar
Sean Murphy - Guitarist
Jason Hiscock-Bassist
Mike Graziano - Drummer
Mute City
Three piece punk rock band from Ottawa Ontario.
Darcy: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Ryan: Bass/Backing Vocals
Justin: Drums
Outrun The Sun
Outrun The Sun est une formation de Québec, mélangeant les styles Grunge, Métal, Hardcore, Funk et Punk créant ainsi un Hard Rock bien à eux. Bons riffs, du groove et des paroles mélancoliques: difficile de passer à côté!
Band Members
Fernando-Alexandre Puchol (Vocals)
Charles Desrochers (Guitar)
Nicolas Boutin (Bass)
Jonathan Cuillerier (Drums)
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