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Jun 13, Tue, 2017
Stand Up and Say No
For Andre Nault, walking away from music was what ultimately uncovered its appeal and rewards. In 2011, frustrated by a reported lack of interest in his work, Nault sold off his instruments save for a single guitar, which he used to start writing jingles. Before long, Nault had placed those jingles in a series of popular car commercials and, inspired by his good fortune, formed the indie-rock group Stand Up and Say No shortly after.
Drawing inspiration from New York City post-punk acts like The Strokes and Interpol, the group has four releases to its name thus far – 2013's self-titled effort, 2014's Assuming Loyal EP, and a pair from 2016: The Fawn EP and Machines and Museums.
Stand Up and Say No's energetic, infectious brand of rock is undeniably potent. Bigger things could be in store for the band.
Jun 14, Wed, 2017
Pravin Thompson/ Jarrett Walser
Hailing from New York City, Pravin Thompson and Jarrett Walser will be presenting a Duo concert of original music and free improvisation. Jarrett and Pravin began collaborating with each other in 2010. In those seven years they have recorded on several different projects (Including Pravin Thompson's first EP "Identity" released in 2014). Tonight They will be exploring many different types of music influenced by ambient art-rock, and Groove music.
Jun 15, Thu, 2017
Empty Nesters
Empty Nesters is a band from Ottawa playing music of K-Pop genre.
Soap Opera
Hot Licks and Cool Boys from Canada's Cold Coast.
Adam Engram :: Guitar / Vocals
Jack Etchegary :: Drums
Braden Howse :: Bass
Peter Lannon :: Guitar / Vocals
The members of St. John's based band Soap Opera -former India band are serious about practice, but when it comes time to hit the stage, the four musicians let loose.
"The sound's a lot more driven, a lot less pristine," said guitarist and singer Peter Lannon.
"It's more spur of the moment."
India is becoming well known for its stage shows, which involve high energy music, some comedic banter between songs and even a bit of band choreography.
"We just try to uplift our audience as best as we can," said guitarist and singer Adam Engram.
"We don't take ourselves too seriously on stage."
Jun 16, Fri, 2017
| 6:30 PM || $10 or free w/ OXW pass || 19+ |
Once described as 'not my thing' by a local show goer, these veterans of Ottawa’s punk scene lay bare their struggle with impending irrelevancy in a collection of songs that’ll leave you thinking, 'meh'.
Members/Past Members of The Yips, Big Dick, Tropical Dripps, Million Dollar Marxists, Van Johnson.
This duo kicks out high-energy garage rock with catchy riffs, distorted textures and shared yelling vocals, punctuated by dizzying percussive work. The band tours and performs relentlessly, supporting 5 releases in the last year alone.
The Famines are an art cult noise garage duo based out of Montreal, Canada, in which Raymond Biesinger sings, guitars, and executes the visual end of things and Drew Demers hits the drums. They’ve spread DIY minimalist maximalism across Canada coast to coast eight times since 2008, put out five 7” records, a 12” LP, a few books, a pamphlet, an 8-track, a live cassette coupled with 268-pages of liner notes, and a few other format experiments. Also known as “Pentagon Black.”
Motherhood is an art-rock band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Since their formation in 2010, they have released 3 EP's and two full-length album. Motherhood is passionate about maintaining and growing the culture scene in their hometown.
“Motherhood is one of the most influential bands to come out of Fredericton in the past decade, if not THE most. Their sound and style are incomparable. Definitely a band we'll still be talking about for years to come."
- Erin Bond, Station Manager, CHSR
Pop infused garage punk.
Furious & demented frontman of Canadian punk band TV Freaks, David O’Connor unleashes morose vanity project.
Jun 17, Sat, 2017
| 9PM || $12 or free w/ OXW pass || 19+ |
Organ Eyes
Grungy psych leads over heavy grooves.
Toronto-via-Sackville's Kappa Chow are no strangers to the Canadian garage rock landscape. Rebranding as Protruders, they deliver good old garage punk with catchy hooks, lots of dissonance, and a bad ass attitude. This band is beyond rad and not to be missed. We dare you to resist the urge to jump around when they hit the stage.
Some creative visions arrive so clearly and so well defined, it’s as if they’ve willed themselves into existence. That’s how Sahara came to Joe Elaschuk and Andrew Wilson, the creative duo behind the Toronto-based group. The two were on tour with their previous bands when the idea for the project materialized. With the kind of closeness touring in a cramped van affords, they became fast friends and agreed to collaborate. The name came to them before they had anything written or recorded, but the rest has since fallen into place, a tribute to their intuitive songwriting. The guitars that guide their post-punk arrive warped by heat haze, sounding distant yet still warm. Their melodies are bittersweet, imbued with a sense of longing that’s balanced by the band’s ear for hooks. Singer/guitarist Wilson and guitarist Elaschuk have since enlisted the help of Julie MacKinnon on bass, and Warren Calbeck on drums to bring their songs to life onstage.
Slow Dawn are Ottawa based PSYCHMUSAK to slip to the other side to.
Sludge-rok trio Plasmalab emerged on the Toronto scene sometime in 2015. For better or worse, they have since been applying the strategy of no rules, scrappy to the core, by any means necessary punk-rok. Plasmalab have made a world of their own, and want to welcome you into it. The Lab will be releasing their first record LOVE/LIFE out on Bruised Tongue this spring.
Sass factor set to high. Rated R for rok. Enter the lab of love. XOXO.
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