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Apr 28, Fri, 2017
Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Hard indie rock from Charlotte, North Carolina that has the wild fun energy of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the dark intensity of Queens of the Stone Age. The band is made up of guitarist John Thomsen and his 2 sons, Hunter (bass) and Tyler (Drums) with Ray Stern (Ontario born) as a new addition on vocals. The sound comes from the unique histories of the GUAS band members. John's years of pure rock guitar work, combined with Tyler and Hunter's gospel roots playing in church every week starting at twelve years old, and finally with the true electronic punk rock roots realized by Ray as she toured the clubs of Southwestern Ontario with her wild and quirky live show antics. Each is a multi-instrumentalist and their love of many music styles brings uniqueness to an effortless, exhilarating rock and roll energy.
Eddie Paul
With what's becoming an unmistakable Eddie Paul sound, PANDA-MONIUM is a fluent journey of an album that straddles multiples sounds and genres. From Lead single The Warning Song, the sleazy, acid rock of Hands In My Pockets, and the foot-stomping country hoedown of Dig A Hole, any one of the eleven tracks is potentially a single.
Paul is a poster boy of the new breed of artists coming out of Montreal, building a loyal and growing fan base. Rapidly benefiting from numerous positive reviews of his live performances across Canada, as well as having Dutch and German tours under his belt already, Eddie's riding a surge of worldwide momentum.
Apr 29, Sat, 2017
Jim Dan Dee
Affectionately known as 'JDD' to their fans, Jim Dan Dee continues to ride the wave created by their ferociously-sexy Blues- based sound. True to their roots yet completely unique, Jim Dan Dee is set to make history with their self-styled "Bourbon Fueled Funkabilly Grunge Blues".
Band Members
James Stefanuk - Guitar & Vox
Shawn Royal - Drums
Scott Morris - Keys & Bass
Bobby Seweryneck - Saxophone
The Bristol Hum
Straight-up rock n roll with a little funk and folk thrown in for good measure.
Band Members
Shawn Baldwin, Sean Keohane, Scotty Lean, Tex McManus.
Apr 30, Sun, 2017
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind
The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Jessica Pearson, fiddle player Maddy O'Regan and double bassist Pat Bigelow. Jessica Pearson and the East Wind's dynamic live shows take you on a journey through their lives with heart warming harmonies, the liveliness of maritime kitchen parties, and intimate traditional melodies.
Terry Fernihough
I'm a songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario. That's in Canada. It's a long way from Nashville. So what's a writer to do? Moving isn't an option. I'm working from the outside, trying to find my own way in an industry that is very focused on Nashville. I've managed to get several songs cut with a country artist in the UK, and I've had several holds here in Canada. I've also been writing with some of Canada's finest up and coming artists, and with writers who I deeply respect.
Jessie Treneer
Jessie Treneer is a Canadian country musician on the rise. Her first single 'First Love Kinda Feeling' hits radio stations across Canada in 2016 with the release of her FACTOR funded album 'Reckless Heart'.
May 06, Sat, 2017
Signe Miranda
Originally from Belleville, Ontario, Signe began playing music at an early age and by fifteen was playing guitar and writing songs. She is the lead singer and guitarist of folk-rock-punk band Signe Miranda's Veranda and drummer in roots-rock band The Pickups. Signe has performed for audiences in Canada, the UK and Norway.
"We really love your engaging style, it is emotive, minimalist, evocative and very subtle. The choice of material backed up with guitar is marvellous and gels together in a hauntingly beautiful sound that has you wanting more and our audiences most certainly will love your heartfelt songs…"
Peter Merrett (Music Manager, PBS FM 106-7, Melbourne, Australia
Thread is a 4-piece band based out of Ottawa, Canada. While they consider their music to be largely in the pop-rock genre, their unique sound often veers into alternative country, funk, and even a little blues. The songs begin with Mary Ann who crafts each one on guitar before bringing it to the band where everyone contributes their talents.
Band Members
Mary Ann Allossery - drums and main vocals
Greg Lipin - lead guitar and vocals
Kevin James - Keyboards and Sax
Eddy Benavidez - bass and vocals
May 14, Sun, 2017
Holy Christopher
3 Piece Rock n Roll band coming straight from the basement to your ears. Hailing from Hull QC, Holy Christopher will fill your ears with original catchy tunes from the glory days of rock n roll. Dancing required.
Andrew Elle // Vox/Guitar
Dave Walker // Bass
Dan Holms // Drums
Jean Daddy
Jean Daddy is The Noiz Boiz from Toronto, Ontario garage rock band that finds joy and comfort in noise. Taking influences from new and old styles of garage, punk, and post-punk, the four-piece never make songs longer than 2 minutes. The shorter, the better.
Toronto City Psych Garage Indifference
Nic Waterman - Fuzz Guitar, Vocals
Damien Florio - Drums
Patrick Lefler - Bass
Liam Cosby - Verb Guitar, Vocals
"Vypers est une formation de rock psychédélique fuzzé au max qui tire ses influences de la Californie. On y retrouve du Ty Segall, du Fuzz et du Thee Oh Sees. Par contre, le groupe torontois trouve tout de même le moyen de l’approcher différemment. C’est un peu plus thrash et agressif que les noms précédemment nommés. La chanson titre rentre au poste tout comme Fuckface qui possède une bonne mélodie. On a affaire ici à une jeune formation qui semble très prometteuse."
-Le Canal Auditif
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