Bottled Beer

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Baltika [Russia]

Flavor: pale golden colour, subtle aromas of sweet cereal, light hops and mild citrus, on the palate it is mildly carbonated, dry and light bodied, balanced flavours of toasted malt, sourdough...


Golden Pheasant[Slovakia]

Flavour: Golden yellow; Sweet malty, nutty, hoppy nose with herbaceous notes; Soft, creamy palate with a hint of spice on finish. Description: 500 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 5.0%, Light & Hoppy  


Lezajsk (Poland)

Flavor: Golden colour; aromas of fresh baled wheat with malty/hoppy nose; smooth, round flavours with a hoppy finish.  Description: 500 mL, Alcohol/Vol 5.5%, Medium & Hoppy.


Miller Genuine Draft [USA]

Flavour: very pale yellow to amber colour; light citrus and malt aromas; light in body with a cream palate and a clean, refreshing finish. Description: 355 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 4.7%, Light & Malty...


Molson Canadian [Canada]

Flavour: golden colour, light floral aroma, soft fruit and balanced with light hops, soft finish. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 5.0%, Light & Malty


Coors Light [Canada]

Pale gold colour; light grain with a touch of mineral aroma and flavour; soft, pleasant finish. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 4.0%, Light & Malty


Moosehead [Canada]

Flavour: golden yellow colour with light hoppy aromas and sweet malt flavours, creamy texture with a crisp, hoppy finish. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 5.0%, Light & Malty 


Labatt 50 [Canada]

Flavour: medium amber colour, lightly roasted grain and mild hop aromas, slightly sweet flavour with a short finish. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 5.0%, Medium & Hoppy


Lucky Lager [Canada]

Flavour: pale yellow with a light foamy head, aromas of sweet barley grain, light-bodied, with balanced malt and hops flavours. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 4.8%, Light & Malty


Labatt Blue [Canada]

Flavour: bright, clear yellow with a foamy white head; aromas of sweet cereal grain, corn and a hint of floral hops; on the palate it is crisp and clean, with flavours...


Molson Export [Canada]

Golden colour; soft fruit, grain and malt aroma; slightly fuller body than Canadian lager; slightly drier finish. Description: 341 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 5.0%, Medium & Malty


Corona [Mexico]

Light gold colour; forward grassy hop nose; soft hop taste; light-body; softly bitter, clean finish. Description: 330 mL bottle, Alcohol/Vol 4.6%, Light & Malty