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Bourgeois Fish Plate

Assorted fish platter, served with smoked salmon, herring, caviar, capers and bread.


Commissar Pickle Plate

Pickled assortment, with or without herring, served with fresh vegetables and bread.


Engels Meat Plate

Variety of deli meats, served with fresh, pickled vegetables, and bread.


Exiled Green Salad

Fresh crispy greens, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies served with oil and vinegar.


Far-East Carrot Salad

Mildly spicy carrot salad with fragrant garlic, drizzled with oils.


Marx Cheese Plate

Variety of cheeses, topped with olives, served on green salad leaves with crackers and grapes.


NEP Butterbrot

Artisan rye bread with mascarpone cheese, topped by smoked salmon and caviar.