Non Alcoholic Beverages

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Coffee Americano

Hot water and espresso



Enjoy a cup of espresso with the help of Lavazza, Italia


Coffee Latte

Enjoy a cup of Coffee Latte with the help of Lavazza (Italia). Served with organic milk



Enjoy a cup of Cappuccino with the help of Lavazza (Italia). Served with organic milk


Coffee Coke Float

Hot coffee, Coca-Cola, ice cream, sugar, cream. Served with organic milk


Iced Cafe au Lait

Coffee, milk, ice crushed, sugar (optional). Served with organic milk


Hot Chocolate

Served with organic milk



We offer a variety of green, black, and herbal tea's.



Ice cream, organic milk, chocolate or fresh berries.


Hot Apple Cider


Russian Kvass

Malt beverage. Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage commonly made from rye bread.

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Variety of Juices

Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Mango Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, V8 Juice