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Courvoisier VS Cognac [France]

A fusion of young and old Cognac lends a fruity and delicate palate with a bouquet filled with ripe fruit and spring flowers. Generations of production have led to the...


Appleton Estate V/X Signature Blend Rum [Jamaica]

Produced in the heart of Jamaica, this signature blend combines rums of different styles and ages. The result is a brilliant golden amber colour, complex aromas of sweet fruit, citrus,...


Remy Martin VS Cognac [France]

Flavour golden amber colour delicate aromas of sweet caramel and spice on the nose with oaky notes caramel and spice flavours with a smooth, mellow finish


Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum [USA]

Medium amber colour; a medley of spice aromas, including subtle cinnamon and nutmeg, with hints of toasty oak, toffee, chocolate and vanilla; dry, medium to full bodied, richly textured, with...


Absolut Vodka [Sweden]

Different flavours. Absolut's iconic bottle was inspired by an 18th-century medicine bottle found in an antique shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Made exclusively from natural ingredients, showcasing subtle flavours of grain...


Grey Goose [France]

Using only the finest ingredients, Grey Goose is renowned for its smooth and silky character. Expect subtle aromas of sweet citrus and white flowers; the palate is soft with a...


Dillon's Absinthe [Canada]

Created by macerating, vapour distilling, and finally a steeping in fresh wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop (grown at the distillery) with other natural ingredients. No artificial colours are added allowing this...


Hill's Genuine Absinthe [Czech Republic]

Based on traditional absinthe this fine liqueur is made in the Czech Republic. Starts with a very pale turquoise blue colour, followed by a bouquet of anise, licorice, cardamom, coriander...


Bacardi 151 Overproof Rum [Puerto Rico]

Flavour light amber colour intense molasses, raisin and vanilla aromas full bodied, slightly alcoholic, and slightly hot



This traditional liqueur is served with a splash of water which creates a cloudy white appearance. Fragrant and flavourful with notes of anice, licorice, fennel, citrus and cumin; medium sweet,...


Finlandia Vodka [Finland]

Six row barley and glacial waters are expertly distilled to produce this vodka that offers a clean and smooth palate with light citrus character.