Benefit Concert For The Wabano Center For Aboriginal Health!

By Alena Iouguina

Dear friends, the benefit concert for The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health turned out to be an immense success! The powerful beauty of that Friday evening was made possible exclusively thanks to you, our patrons, and you, the performing artists of Ottawa’s one-of-a-kind arts community! We would like to separately extend our infinite gratitude to OkiesGoodnight BoyParagon CauseKyle IvanChloe Dances In TwilightMatt Vagrant, and The Gravelines. Thank you for selflessly gifting all of us with your time and talents!
By the end of the night, we managed to raise $479.00! Wow! Inspired by the gained momentum, our staff decided to match the resulting donations by $519. Today, we passed the cheque over to Wabano Centre’s Bonnie Sowiak(Finance Director at Wabano Centre).
Thank you, our beautiful friends, for coming together as a community and, as always, creating a lifetime of memories and kind deeds. 

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