Lengiz Publisher: Books in all branches of knowledge [1925]

Lengiz Publisher: Books in all branches of knowledge [1925]

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'Lengiz Publisher: Books in all branches of knowledge' by Aleksandr Rodchenko

Rodchenko became an artist and designer of many mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, advertising and packaging. Heavily influenced by the upheaval surrounding the Russian revolution of 1917, he was one of the most prolific constructivist artists of the period. He was also a member of the Productivists, which pushed for the introduction of art into every day life, a concept which in many ways describes modern day graphic design.

His early focus was on painting before starting his career as a graphic designer, later he would experiment with photography and photomontage. Most of his design work was for the Russian airline company Dobrolet, producing many packages, advertisements, logos and posters. His design work for other clients ranged from book covers to bookmarks, photo-montage and illustration, and even set and costume design for various Russian theaters.

In 1921 he declared "The End of Painting" when he exhibited three solid monochromatic canvases, one each, in hues of red, yellow and blue. He deemed that he had reduced painting to its logical conclusion and that there was no reason to continue exploring the medium. This opened the doors for the beginning of a new Utopian way of life, and way of approaching art. Rodchenko's work influenced so many of the designers of the early 20th century that it is impossible to catalog the vast reaches of the idealogy that he helped define during his career. 


Title Lengiz Publisher: Books in all branches of knowledge
Author Aleksandr Rodchenko
Year 1925
City Moscow
29 x 41 cm
11 1/2 x 16 1/8 in
Paper weight 170 gsm
Printing method Offset